Paint a watercolor "Quail on Guard"

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Welcome to the course Preview:

PAINTING "Quail on Guard"

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WHO IS IT FOR: This video is suited more for a beginner or intermediate student.

Thank you for considering this class! If you choose to enroll you will learn many watercolor techniques as you follow along with Andy in painting this watercolor.

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In this class you will follow along with Andy and watch him paint the entire painting from composing the painting to the final touches on the finished watercolor. Andy has a way of breaking down the process step by step; explaining and showing you how to paint from a reference photo in a fun, casual, and relaxing way that makes it easy. This course was a live workshop, and was valued at $145.00

Painting size is approx.: 8x12" or 12” x 16” inch a tall format.

Feel free to adjust this a bit if you want to paint a bigger painting.

Course Length: One hour and 45 minutes, plus an additional extra full hour Bonus Video of "Drawing Techniques". 30 minutes of "Bonus Lectures" where I talk about supplies (paint, paper, and brushes)


Andy’s downloadable and printable Painting Guide Packet:

  •  color corrected reference photos and close ups used while painting
  •  traceable drawing of the painting
  •  final painting image
  •  supply list with most critical/needed supplies underlined.

Techniques you will Learn

  1. Digital composing overview
  2. Drawing techniques (see bonus video)
  3. General masking and detailed masking
  4. Painting a wet color blending background.
  5. Using a q-tip cotton swabs
  6. Using the table salt technique for texture
  7. Using color test strips
  8. Learning to mix paint
  9. Painting up close details
  10. Scoring lines with Exacto knives
  11. Glazing over painted details.
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ABOUT Andy: Why Learn from me? I have painted for over 30 years and have painted over 500 paintings. I started in college and never quit. I paint professionally and make a living as an Artist full-time. I will coach you into being a confident painter or teach you whatever skills you need from beginner to expert. I will teach you to paint for fun, for a hobby, or to make some good money selling fine art paintings. I sold over $11,000 in original art and prints in a period of 3 days at my first art show in 1999! I have won awards for my work and have been invited as a guest artist to nationally juried art shows. I have collectors nationally and abroad. I have been asked to demonstrate at prominent art festivals. I have been commissioned by collectors to paint their.... Family, dogs, horses, cows, cars, trucks, ranches, homes, kids... the list goes on! I have taught numerous live watercolor workshops for many years and my students keep coming back for more. Plus, I have been called “The Master of Techniques” by other prominent artists. I was awarded the Idaho Conservation League artist in residence in 2021. I have loved painting for over 30 years and I will teach you to love it, respect it, learn from it, and brag about it.

Free Bonus Video on supplies
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Free Beginner Bonus video on Paint
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Free Beginner Bonus video on Paper
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Free Beginner Bonus video on Brushes
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Free Bonus Video on Drawing Techniques
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Paint a watercolor "Quail on Guard"

0 ratings
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